Wonderful Episodes of Temples That Were Protected and Saved During Muslim Invasion


Hindu Gods are many. Vishnu will be shield. Brahma is founder.

Even the atheists normally inquire whenever you will find a lot of listeners why perhaps not Hindu’s temples weren’t shielded throughout Muslim invasion?

Why don’t we move through several ancient events.

Swami Vivekananda formerly travelled into Kshir Bhavani temple at Kashmir. The well-known temple has been at a dilapidated state. Swamiji was incredibly mad about visiting the status of the temple. He gasped in himself which famous temple need to never have fulfilled this condition and requires for renovation.

Unexpectedly he discovered that a crystal clear and controlling feminine voice,”that I wish to keep such a country of this temple in My Will. Wouldn’t get an immense temple assembled if I wished? What should you imagine on mind? Does one safeguard me I shield thirukadaiyur

Swamiji was amazed and told that this incident on his disciples on reunite to Kolkata.

Why don’t we move right back time for you to Malik Kafur’s period. He had been a very renowned standard of Alauddin Khilji. He assaulted Madurai and wrecked portions of the renowned Meenakshi Temple. But on his way back, he had been passing as a result of Thirupparankundram.

Thirupparankundram is found 5 kilometers away from Madurai. This really is but one of those famous 6 abodes of Lord Muruga.

The troopers constructed in the front of the tower. At the time one particular mason by identify chitthan increased across the temple tower.

By the most notable he jumped . Dashing the earth skull has been broken up into tens of thousands of bits and blood has been flowing in the manner of a flow.

On watching that abrupt sacrifice the troopers out from panic that they hurried off out of this temple.

And Malik kafur came back. So that the temple has been


We might cite tens of thousands of incidents just like this seeing ancient temples.

Yet another episode from your pages of heritage.

He attained the well-known shrine Haridwar. In addition, he demolished various temples along the manner.

On attaining Haridwar Taimur looted the city.There has been a Bairava temple ear Mayadevi temple at Haridwar. Whilst he struck the picture of Lord Bairava, unexpectedly tens of thousands of snakes and scorpions seemed about the spectacle.

On visiting many bees and scorpions in one moment, the military of Taimur felt tremendously scared and started out fleeing from your temple website.

The temple has been stored with no hurt.

In case the annals of Hindu temples in India has been gathered, tens of thousands of authentic episodes will shock . Even as we understand God’s ways are inscrutable, the devotees had been motivated to conserve temples forfeiting their lifestyles. Some-times by Lord’s celestial sport, snakes and scorpions had been additionally played a job.