Little Red Riding Hood and the Sales Funnel


Were you aware that the earnings funnel has existed at least since ancient times, and that Little Red Riding Hood was taken in with way of a sales funnel? A precautionary story about who you really want to learn about marketing by… and that you want to avoid like the plague (yes, they had that in the past, too).

Human anatomy: So you believe you know what a sales funnel is and how it works? Continue reading this retelling of an outdated precautionary narrative and you may enlarge your definition a little.

After Little Red Riding Hood put out into the woods on this hot spring day in about 1321 or therefore, little didn’t understand that she had been to encounter not only the Big Bad Wolf, but a sales funnel therefore irresistible she would fall for it like a kitty to get a saucer of milk.

Little Red’s intention was to attract a few hot currant buns for her beloved older granny, but right as she place her foot onto the course into the forest that day, she found herself walking into the mouth of a sales funnel.

It all began when she met with the Big Bad Wolf on the road. He did not have some trouble getting her attention, as he had been, naturally, a huge wolf.

He started complimenting her on her lovely reddish hood – you notice, the first mythical element of a sales funnel, and also one that people often find wrong, is all about coming to the possibility with their favorite subject – themselves.

“What a lovely red hood you’ve got on,” said the Big Bad Wolf.

Next, the Wolf intensified Little Red’s interest by asking her even more about himself:”And where would you’re going this nice spring day, my pretty?” And, as you may anticipate, Little Red stepped a little farther in to his sales funnel by answering him information he might use:”Why, to my dear Granny’s house, to attract her those warm currant buns.”

The wolf sniffed appreciatively at the basket, and proceeded to do a bit more”market research” on Little Red (they did not have bureaus to perform this type of thing in those days ). “Those are delightful smelling buns. And where might Dear Granny live?” To which, obviously, Little Red responded with the desired information, ergo stepping further into the sales funnel by inviting future communicating with the wolf.

The Wolf, currently with all the information he had to get Little Red again, bowed, bidding her a fantastic day, a laid virtually any anxieties she had to rest by evaporating up the road and giving her only a little space (that she sensed herself needing at this time – that the sole indication that she would have a brain concealing under that cute red hood). But, obviously, his earnings funnel was just beginning.

When she reached Dear Granny’s house, Little Red walked straight into the final sequence of the funnel when she saw what appeared to be some one very familiar to her, and proceeded to hit up a dialog.

You may understand this part of the narrative goes, but what you may not know is how of course it follows the pattern of a great sales funnel, therefore I shall recount it to you here with a little sales funnel comment across the other side.

To start with, remember that the Wolf did NOT state, right as Little Red walked through the doorway,”Hey, girl, why don’t you come over by the bed and scale into my big old mouth? It is extremely nice in there…” as much unfortunate salespeople might, believing they could immediately ask the potential for a sale once they get them .

Regardless, the wolf very sensibly dressed as some one Little Red understood quite well, and already trusted. Then, he jumped to elicit empathy and even request her help (a sly twist that you can add to create your funnel a lot more irresistible). “I am not feeling well dear, won’t you encounter and off the cushions ?”

Little Red, of course, diverted by the clickfunnels pricing plans danger sign of the large snout protruding of Granny’s lace bonnet, walked even further to the sales funnel by helping the wolf with his petition, subsequently asking for more information.

“My, what big ears you’ve got, Granny.”

“All the better to see you with, my dear.”

You might believe you understand this market very well, however I would request that you note that the wolf did not jump directly from the starting line of”My, what big ears you have” (her first request to learn more ) to”All the better to eat you with, my dear” (the close). That could surely have placed Little Red off, as it’s obvious, to even just too dense as she, that you can’t eat someone with your elbows.

No, the wolf wisely waited until their third party market to present her his final answer, along with his final offer. (Notice the entrancing repetitive nature in their exchange for yet another hint to a fantastic sales funnel element)…

“My what big teeth you’ve got, Granny.”

Why not you climb indoors and get a peek?”

And now we all know how THAT earnings funnel finishes.

Now, the Moral of the Story, just in case you were wondering, how is that…

You can learn how to construct a sales funnel, bring in leads, and also all the other facets of earning money from some range of characters out there at the open forests of promotion.

But if you truly have your pick. . .wouldn’t you wish to learn how to build your earnings funnel from someone who not only makes over three million a year online themselves, but might teach you about it as interestingly as I only did?

Or do you rather find marketing from somebody as sterile as a over-cooked currant bun, who has never made any considerable money with an income funnel themselves?

It’s really up to youpersonally. But remember. . .when as it pertains to promotion, you can be considered a Granny, or perhaps a Big Bad Wolf. And most of us know who gets the girl in the long run.